Steve Thomas

Presentation:  Music for Media


Steve ThomasSteve Thomas has been recording and mixing music for almost twenty years. In the ’90s he was scouted as a keyboardist for the J-Pop scene in Tokyo, where his career in Japan also encompassed a development deal as a singer/songwriter, VJ for a top-ten music show, session vocalist for anime projects, as well as many other anecdotes.

Since the year 2000 his specialization of Pro Tools and Digital Performer inform his multi-faceted skills of post-production audio, sound design, composition, and realistic MIDI orchestration.

Steve has created training materials for major DAWs such as Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic and has authored a book on MOTU Digital Performer (Digital Performer Power!)

He is currently teaching audio engineering at Capital University and Groove U, and previously at The Recording Workshop. His passion for film scoring is most recently credited for his co-orchestration/co-scoring of VeggieTales: Celery Night Fever.