Jordan “JSimms” Simmons

Presentation:  “Play with the Drummer and Make the Music Feel Good!” with Doug Johns and Jordan Simmons

Soul, rhythm, funk, and gospel just to name a few artistically intertwined through the music of Jordan “JSimms” Simmons. This 30-year-old musician, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur has had a 22-year relationship with music. Although best known for making hot beats that move the crowd on the drums, he is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays the bass, keyboards, trumpet and multiple percussions. Jordan has had a wide variety of musical legends to draw inspiration from.

Jordan Simmons picHis background has a strong foundation in gospel, classical, and funk. At age four, he picked up his first pair of sticks. By age ten, he had become quite a well-known and requested drummer. At age 19, he picked up the bass and taught himself to play. While attending Bluffton University, he took several music classes as a Music Business major (concentration in percussion), and also played in jazz band. During his span in college, his raw gift and talent of music became polished and even stronger. He has also had the opportunity to learn from some of the greats, such as, Doug Johns, Anthony Wellington, and Grammy award winning Aaron Lindsey (also from Lorain, Ohio).

His music ability does not just shine when he is on stage performing. In addition to being an instrumentalist, JSimms is also a songwriter, producer, and arranger. He has put together music groups such as 1Faith, Light Ends Darkness, and This Moment Worship Movement, and also music directs for a Pastor Donna Simmons recording artist/mother and many other bands. He has put together several music functions, such as Project One and the nationally known, Café Live! This café that he has created is truly a place where all his music abilities shine. Here he is able to perform, search out talent, network, and have his groups perform. He has had the privilege of producing tracks for nationally released albums. His passion for producing is as great as his passion for playing. He strives to become one of the best, just as his musical role models.

JSimms is one-fourth of the founders of the music production group J.A.M.S. Music Group, founded in 2006. This music team is well sought after as being some of the most talented young producers, arrangers and musicians in the country. Jordan also serves his local home church weekly as Music Director and Church administrator faithfully.

Currently you can find Jordan JSimms Simmons on stage with the Doug Johns Duo as the drummer. He is the heartbeat of this electrifying duo, as the internationally known and loved, Doug Johns, is the funk. Visit to get upcoming dates for amazing performances. Check out their latest album, Blomp. Stay connected to what is happening with this young musician. The sky is the limits while riding on the wings of expectation and imagination. You can also follow Jordan on all social media outlets @therealjsimmmons.