Andy Irvine

Presentation:  “Timing & Tone”

Andy Irvine is musician, author, and educator who has achieved worldwide recognition. His devotion to his craft of the bass guitar, and sharing that love with others, has established him as a leading musicianship coach and respected source of encouragement to countless players around the entire globe. Andy has toured throughout 27 countries sharing his musical concepts and spreading his own brand of funky cheer, conducting more than 300 musicianship lectures, bass workshops and master classes. He has published 2000 lesson and instrument demonstration videos on his own YouTube page, Facebook groups, and hundreds of others in association with various instrument and gear brands whom he has freelance marketing affiliation.

AndyFieldIrvine’s musicianship journey began in 1982 when he was given a bass guitar for his 12th birthday. From that moment forward Andy was filled with a passion and insatiable appetite for all things music, which shaped the direction of his entire life. As a band leader, touring pro side man and accomplished session musician, Andy has developed a highly individual style, and continues to do so. With a playful spirit, infinitely open mind to all music styles, and his devotion to the pocket groove, he is respected far and wide by his fans, peers and the music industry as a whole.

Andy has 4 album releases of completely original material to his credit, in addition to recording credits contributing bass parts on more than 60 other albums. In 2014 he authored the book “Passion and Action a Musician’s Journey” which has garnered exceptional reviews worldwide. He has published three educational DVD’s, two of which were produced by leading music education distributor, True Fire: Bass Mechanics – Crucial Groove, 2015, and 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must know, 2016. The 3rd (a 90-min multi-topic musicianship lecture) he produced himself, Joyful Musicianship – Mechanics & Mindset, 2014.

In 2016 Andy launched The Daily Funk Club website and social media community. A completely free, donation-driven website for all bassists to learn from his lesson videos, read interviews with renown bassists and builders, share their own videos and insights within an interactive community section, and check out a wide variety of instrument, amp and gear demo videos. The Daily Funk Club has grown rapidly in popularity, garnering affiliation with over 50 respected bass-related brands and an ever growing subscriber base.

Andy is currently the full time bassist for top Colorado blues/soul act The Johnny O Band, and award winning Americana/Bluegrass group Hunker Down. In addition, he performs regularly as a touring side man with various nationally and internationally known artists.

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