Rhythm Intensive Confirmed for 3 days of Clinics

The Midwest Rhythm Summit is proud to announce that Rhythm Intensive has confirmed their presence as a major clinician at the summit.  The duo, consisting of the legendary bassist Chuck Rainey  and drummer John Anthony Martinez will be conducting three days of clinics.  For more information on these musicians go to http://www.rhythmintensive.com/

Presentations offered once during the summit:

The Industry Landscape – An analysis of the current state of the music industry and whether it is reasonable to be optimistic about its future.

A Blueprint for Overcoming Obstacles – Tips for getting over, around, under or through the obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Aesthetics – What is art?  What is beauty?

What Are You Worth – How to price your goods and services competitively so that you don’t overcharge or charge to little. We will consider the main theories of value and how they might apply to musicians.  *This presentation will be combined with The Mighty Ego.

The Mighty Ego – Strategies for dealing with the “Me Monster.”  *This presentation will be combined with What Are You Worth.

Presentations offered twice:

The ABCs of Rhythm – What is rhythm? Why do we use words like “flow” and “groove?”

Listening – Listening with a purpose, and listening for meaning.

Time – What is it? Why is it so important?

The Rhythm Section –  Keyboards. Guitars. Electric bass. Drums. Percussion. These instruments make up the contemporary rhythm section. How do they work together to create an overarching pulse?

A schedule of all presentations and clinics will be announced early 2018.

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